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2019-08-19 @ 6:30pm
Wastemasters vs No Balls
Wasties vs Giant Red Stitches

Tonight's Team

Wastemasters : Tinman(c), Choppa, Westy, Hoff, Jason, DDs,

Wasties : Dan(c), Mayor, Pegleg, Shay, Pella, Taj,

Super Sub: Barney,

Unavailable: Crossy,

Beer Duties: Hoff

Team availability


Super Sub Roster (Number of consecutive games):
Taj(4) Barney(8) Pella(5) Pegleg(3) DDs(2) Tinman(7) Shay(0) Crossy(0) Choppa(1) Mayor(3) Jason(0) Westy(1) Hoff(6) Dan(18)

Beer Roster (Number of games since last beer duties):
Shay(6) Westy(0) Jason(9) DDs(5) Pella(3) Pegleg(6) Choppa(1) Tinman(7) Crossy(3) Mayor(3) Taj(2) Barney(1) Hoff(11) Dan(11)


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No Balls  Giant Red Stitches