Brett Cummings Medal

Back in the old days at Ballajura, a guy named Brett used to work serving drinks and a bit of umpiring. He played for the Wasties for a season or two, and then filled in every now and then.
Then one day he was gone.
No one knew what happened.
In Hoff's first season as captain, Winter 2003, he decided to bring in a MVP system, where everyone who played would vote in a 3-2-1 system for who was the best player in each game. Votes would be tallied at each end of season piss up for the MVP of the season.
The only thing left was to give the MVP trophy a name.
Now Brett looked like the old West Coast Eagles full forward Scott Cummings. After his shock disappearance from the Centre, Wasties unanimously voted after a few rounds of beers to call the MVP trophy the "Brett Cummings Memorial Trophy". Hence the name was born.