Many years ago, when Wastemasters was in its infancy, everybody would enjoy beers after a game at Bruce's centre. We would go through a few rounds and normally be the last guys to leave. TEDs used to be $3 a pop, which wasn't too bad. It wasn't unusual for us to go through 20+ beers a night. Anyway, this made us very popular with the tall lanky one (Bruce).
Enter Chucker.
One game against the piss weak Mongrels, things got out of hand. This was not necessarily unusual, as Tony and Chucker regularly had disagreements, and every now and then a bit of pushing and shoving.
The bent armed one was in a particularly bad mood that night. When batting, he was consistently running into Tony who fields close in on the legside. So a bit of argy-bargy took place. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
It all came to a head when Wasties went into bat. Good old Pegleg decided to return the favour and run into Chucker while taking a single. Anyway, it was on!
Being proud Wasties everybody got up and ran into the net to help Pegleg whack Chucker. Some pushing was done, some words were said, and eventually Bruce jumped in to pull everyone apart.
Things settled down......for one second.
A few balls later, Pegleg took off for a run, running towards the bowlers end where Chucker was waiting. The bent armed thrower stuck his leg out, tripping up Tony at the end of his run. Now Bruce was nearby, so all the other Wasties stood their ground, but Pegleg had decided enough was enough, so he walked out mid innings.
Hoff called Wasties to abandon the game, but the energetic Rainman decided he wanted to bat in Tony's place. He grabbed a bat, and some gloves, and decided to jump the rail to get to the net as quickly as possible.
In what certainly would have won Funniest Home Videos, Rainman caught his foot on the railing in mid flight, and proceeded to fall head first into the awaiting concrete floor below. How he managed to miss his head and any injury was beyond all onlookers.
Bruce was there watching the free fall happen, and uttered the famous words "Serves you right".
That was the day that a famous pact was made - Never buy beers from Bruce again.
Starting the week after, a roster system was put in place, where every Wastie would bring a carton of Ice cold TEDs to enjoy after the game. The only problem now was where would we go to drink them?
Being a bunch of highly developed intellectual geniuses, The Wasties agreed the back of the units next door to Bruce's would do quite nicely.
And so it begun. A carton of TEDs and a couple of packets of chips each week next door for a year or so.
Until one night, when the next door hangout was sporting a new cyclone fence and locked gate. It was impossible to get in. But we had beers that needed drinking, so we cruised on around to the next street and noticed an empty car park of the RAC building.
So the RAC was born. Luckily for us, it was within throwing distance of a empty block housing a tree. The tree has become a storage yard for all empty bottles (there must be thousands in there!) and chairs kindly donated by Deepthroat.
The only disadvantage is that there is more exposure to the Fuzz. But so far so good.