Wastemasters 87
HUH -5

Game Summary


Tinman back in after his missing heart was found.


Batting first.

Match Summary:

Batting first was Crossy and Tinman. After taking HUH almost 2 overs to get a ball on the pitch, Crossy unleashed a couple of mammoth sixes, igniting the crowd into a wild frenzy. Tinman played the anchor role literally - he was weighing the partnership down. The only wicket was a crazy runout where Crossy had enough of Tinman hogging the strike and was trying to get his first ever 50. What a team player! They finished with 42.

Next in was DDs and Barney, and after last weeks debacle the pair were looking to consolidate. Barney took the back seat role, while DDs decided to hit out. A very shaky start which saw the partnership dive deeply into the negatives was revived with a great last over, giving the pair unlucky 13.

It obviously was unlucky because the next pair Hoff and Figs (or Jekyll and Hyde) did their best impersonation of delinquent axemen. For the first two overs, it was Figs turn as Hyde, getting out at will, including a fantastic runout in which he watched the HUH bowler ping down the stumps as he strolled along. In the last over it was Hoffs turn as he went crazy trying to hit every ball for six and ended up giving 2 catches to the backstop. A disappointing 9 runs.

Finally the master class of Pegleg and Pella went in, with an aim to give the Wasties as big a total as possible. Both played the side nets in an unselfish display which netted the team a valuable 23 runs.

87 runs on the board, again an unlucky number for all Aussie cricketers, but could the Wasties secure the top two berth.

Pella, in a captaining masterstroke, pulled Toby from new ball duties and handed the leather to DDs. What seemed like a good idea, quickly turned sour as DDs struggled to get the ball on the pitch. One of 2 balls he did get straight - a rank full toss - was spanked towards the back net only to be scooped up by Hoff. Next over Toby also had the straight-ball blues, but once again the Wasties kept on picking up wickets. Pella and Chris finished off the pairing with another 2 negative overs,  with some fielding help by Hoff (catch and 2 runouts), Figs (juggled catch off a ball destined for the back net) and DDs. The pair finished with -1.

Next pairing, same bowling attack - same result. A much better line and length by all, followed by another great fielding display saw the pair finish with a -6. 

Half way, and top two was looking secure.

But those who thought the Wasties would rest on their laurels were sadly disappointed, with Hoff, Crossy, Pegleg and Barney bowling a storm, and everyone contributing in the field kept the last 2 pairs to a paltry -2 and 4 respectively. Highlights included a pirouette runout to DDs, a one stump runout to Marshy, an easy-as-you-like catch to Pegleg and normal catching and fielding heroics by Barney.

All in all, a great win, taking all skins and securing up the top two finish.


Wasties Partnerships: 

Pair Batters Score
Tinman and Crossy 42
2 Barney and DDs 13
3 Hoff and Figs 9
4Pella and Pegleg23

Opposition Partnerships: 

Pair Score
1 -1
2 -6
3 -2