Wastemasters 76
Shirley 120

Game Summary


Full squad


Batting first.

Match Summary:

The Wasties looking to continue the run of wins against a team we have never beaten - Shirley. 

With Tinman running late (he was getting a Monday night quickie) Bingo decided to pair Hoff and Crossy for the first time to open the innings. Both batted well enough without starring to finish with 28. The only wicket a clean bowled to Crossy who seemed to momentarily forget what the ball looked like.

Next in was Bingo and DDs. To be fair to the boys Shirley did pick up the fielding with a couple of good runouts, but Barney had a shocker with a couple of clean bowleds and a few catches when trying to smash back net shots. DDs, who could only look on in horror, was pretty consistent but was absolutely plumb LBW first ball.

Tinman and Figs in next, and after an attempted first ball 6 was caught by the bowler Figs settled down into one his most constructive innings, regularly pulling the ball with venom and even straight driving a six. Later we learned he wasnt playing pull shots because it was the right thing to do, instead he was trying to hit the close in onside fielder because he threw a ball too close to his head. Tinman played with his normal charm and pushed the side nets as the perfect compliment. Top score of 32 followed.

Finally the dinosaur pairing of Pegleg and Pella. Although being older than the entire Shirley team combined, Pegleg threw caution to the wind with a masterly display of wild swinging. Unfortunately for the Wasties, only a couple connected. Pella also seemed determined to knock the cover off the ball, but constant wickets kept the pair to an average 15.

So a total of 76. Not a huge score to defend but we had done it before.

The first pair for Shirley saw the pairing of the homosexual and the homeless hippie. Unfortunately for the Wasties wickets were hard to come by and the pair managed to get to 28 runs - which was as good as winning the skin.

Second pair for Shirley included the little fanta pants, who had dyed his hair blonde in a pathetic attempt to hide his ginger-meggs hairstyle. The pair winning the award for "Luckiest and Ugliest Pairing Ever" went slap happy, but continually got left off by ridiculous bounces and piss-poor Wasties fielding. 33 followed.

The next two pairs sealed the game convincingly, and although the Wasties spirit was evident with everyone trying their best, we just werent good enough.

So another loss to Shirley, and only 4 points from the game.


Wasties Partnerships: 

Pair Batters Score
Hoff and Crossy 28
2 Barney and DDs 1
3 Tinman and Figs 32
4Pegleg and Pella15

Opposition Partnerships: 

Pair Score
1 28
2 33
3 25