Wastemasters 81
Clean Bowled 51

Game Summary


Pegleg returning after his week off. Tinman too busy receiving a Monday night blowie was out, with Dov getting another run.


Batting first.

Match Summary:

It was a big game tonight, the stage was set. Wastemasters in 4th, grimly hanging onto a finals berth, tonight up against a team that they had never beaten - Clean Bowled. To add to the spice, the last time the two teams met there was almost fisticuffs, so everyone was anxious to get the game underway.

Captain Barney continued his approach of mixing up the batting partnerships by pairing super fill-in Dov with super old-man Marshy. After knocking the skin off the ball last week, Dov threw caution to the wind and tried to smash every ball to the back net. Pella, one week after "allegedly" having a delivery smashed into outer space, was more conservative, but looked a lot slower between the wickets than normal. The pair consolidated for the first 3 overs and 4 balls, before Dov decided enough was enough and proceeded to smash the last two balls to the back net for glorious sixes. Well, in reality he was stumped off the last two balls, but whos counting. The pair finished on 17.

Next in was DDs and Hoff. Last week the pair batted well apart from a couple of run-outs, but both felt confident that they had sorted out their running between the wickets problems. So anyway, first ball Hoff goes the slap, gets an inside edge to the keeper and holds his ground. Meanwhile Dave "Running Machine" Donnison takes off and calls Hoff through for the run. Hoff responds to the call and gets run out by 3 metres. What a start! But after that the pair went beserk. DDs pushed side nets with ease while Hoff cut loose at the other end. A final score of 47 for the skin.

Crossy and Figs were the next into bat. Things started according to plan, with Crossy getting runout first ball and Figs getting clean bowled second ball. After that, the boys struggled their way back to positives but continued to lose wickets every over to finish with 4 runs. 

Last in was Pegleg and Barney. The pair tried to play side nets but struggled against some reasonable bowling and fielding. But in sign of growing maturity, they managed to push the score past 80 without going stupid on the last ball to lose the extra point. The funniest part of the partnership was Chuckers "uglier than thou" son giving Barney a mancad on a third ball. Barney took off without looking back. Run Forest Run!

So a team total of 81. Not a huge score but defendable, especially without Tinman keeping.

For the first three pairs the game was in the balance. Some good bowling and OK fielding kept the first three pairs down to scores of 19, 18 and 22 respectively. With 4 overs remaining, Clean Bowled needed 23 to win.

Showing some anxiety, Barney passed the captaincy reigns to Figs, who decided to finish the game with DDs, Barney, Hoff and Crossy. DDs started with a bang, clean-ripping the "Don Bradman" clone first ball. Barney kept the pressure on next over, once again clean-ripping the Don with a blistering yorker. The equation was back to 16 of two overs. Hoff continued the charge clean-ripping the second ugliest player to every play cricket (aka Chuckers son) with an express delivery. Pegleg then clinched the game. By using his wooden leg as a step ladder, Pegleg rose above the pack to tap the ball to the awaiting keeper Crossy for a team lifting runout. With the equation now 23 off 1 over, all Crossy had to do was bowl straight, which he did, and the Wasties were home. 

Another great win - the second in a row.


Wasties Partnerships: 

Pair Batters Score
Dov and Pella 17
2 Hoff and DDs 47
3 Figs and Crossy 4
4Pegleg and Barney13

Opposition Partnerships: 

Pair Score
1 19
2 18
3 22