Wastemasters 14
Crossbreeds 208

Game Summary


AB for Mike Z, Jimmy for Mark


Fielding first.

Match Summary:

Two regular players MIA in with Pella still recovering from Saturday night and Hoff leaving for San Fransico in the ""US & A"" to grab his ankles. Traditionally after a wasties piss-up a big win follows, and tonight it was needed more than ever with the the mighty wasties in its worst batting slump in its chequered history. No one looked particularily switched on before the game, preferring to talk about the activities of the medal count on Saturday night.

The uber solid (i.e boring) duo of Tinman and AB went in to open proceedings, and quickly proved that experience counts for very little. After a solid first over, things quickly went down hill with a number of run-outs and a stumping bringing the score back down. A slight recovery followed, but a brain-freeze by AB in the last over had the score reduced to 3, a very disappointing start.

Next in was the volitile parring of Figs & Crossy. Figs had been having a nightmare with the bat of late, however today he was back with his old sparring partner, the rope threatining Crossy. Both played solidly without being spectacular against the swinging ball and made it to 18, a modest total at the time but became better as the game wore on.

Barney and Jimmy took up the 3rd pairing with the team having only 21 runs on the board. The two are not noted for their batting, but played well for the majority of the innings, however once again wickets fell regularily and a final score of 14 ws the result. The pairing had many of the Wasties on the sidelines rubbing their eyes in disbelief as it was Barney who was playing the controlled innings while Jimmy was trying to belt the cover of everything. According to Barney however, some of his side net blocks still ""would have been six in outdoor"".

With the team struggling on 35 off the first three pairs, a solid score of 30plus was required to give the bowlers something to defend. No better people to steady the ship than the teams form batter, DDs, and its most experienced player, Pegleg. Or so we thought. What followed was the third bizzare batting display in as many weeks with the duo losing wickets at regular intervals and barely breaking even in the first three overs. The last over was simply a schmozzle, and much like the incidents of the previous weeks, need to be seen to be believed. The pair lost 4 wickets, mostly popping up simple catches trying to hit everything for 7. A score of -21 was the result and much abuse from the sidelines.

Trying to defeand a team total of 14 was always going to be tough, but what followed was the worst bowling & fielding performance in the history of indoor cricket, not just the Wastemasters. The first pairing came in and quickly amassed 48 runs and the game was effectively over. The only highlight being a bit of argy-bargy between Figs and the skinny tosser from Crossbreeds when they were arguing over a 7 that was hit. Dispirited, the Wasties rolled over and took it up the first date with the next 3 pairing amassing 60, 25 and 76.

With the game well and truly won, the Crossbreeds tried to hit every ball for 7 and most of the time they were successful. Every Wastie bowler copped heaps of stick which was supported by some of the worst fielding in living memory. The Crossbreeds team total of 208 was the worst the Wasties had ever conceeded and the defeat of 194 runs easily the worst in their proud history. The defeat was best described as not a finger & a knuckle, not a whole hand or arm, but a full bodied anal insertion that would not be easily forgotten.

The less said about the game the better. Based on form, a top 4 finish is now just a dream.


Wasties Partnerships: 

Pair Batters Score
Tinman and AB 3
2 Figs and Crossy 18
3 Barney and Jimmy 14
4DDs and Pegleg-21

Opposition Partnerships: 

Pair Score
1 48
2 60
3 25