Wastemasters 131
Fonzarellis 23

Game Summary


A full team with DDs back from gargling duties


Fielding first.

Match Summary:

Tonights game was a bit nostalgic, with the Wasties up against a Division 2 team, in the net closest to the soccer pitch. Bruce was also back in the fold, but un-moved by calls of free chips by the ravenous Wasties.

With Hoff, Tinman, Pegleg and Marshy rocking up late, Crossy opened the innings with Figs. A good start of 16 from the first two overs was matched by a struggle for the next two overs, with Crossy getting clean ripped last ball. 15 runs.

Next in was DDs and Barney. Up came Murali, who then proceeded to chuck down pies which Barney dispatched to the back net with relative ease. DDs, a.k.a Pamela Anderson, looked on in admiration (with erect nipples). The pair kept the score ticking over with a nice array of late cuts and flicks off the pads. A great pairing of 42.

Next in was Pegleg and Marshy. Without the burden of having to bat last, the pair opened up and played with confidence, easily knocking some pretty ordinary bowling to the side nets. A run out and big edge behind the only blemishes. Another good score of 30.

With the pressure off, Hoff and Tinman went in next and started in brutish style with 26 off the first over, including 2 sevens and a defelected 5. With the Fonzarellis completely demoralised, only a pathetic blamonge and limp-wristed stumping to Tinman prevented a David Koresh mass suicide attempt. A great finish of 44 taking the score to 131.

With a big score on the board, the focus quickly turned to winning the skins.

In all fairness, the Fonzarellis had some ordinary batters, but in true Wasties style no one took the foot off the pedal, and it was always going to be about how deep, not whether we would insert some fists.

Crossy had a good night with the gloves. Barney, Marshy and Hoff all took one handed screamers. Figs actually dived for a ball and Pegleg did his best keeping the ball of the net. DDs had one good runout, and everyone bowled well. Tinman maintained his batting form with the gayest back flick you will ever see, with the landing taken straight from a Todd McKenny musical. Just come out of the closet Tinman already!

A big win, surpassing a double fisting, reaching the heights of midget insertion. Wasties keeping their slight top four chances alive.


Wasties Partnerships: 

Pair Batters Score
Figs and Crossy 15
2 Barney and DDs 42
3 Pella and Pegleg 30
4Hoff and Tinman44

Opposition Partnerships: 

Pair Score
1 -12
2 23
3 -6