Wastemasters 124
Balla 81

Game Summary


Pegleg pulled out at last minute. Dov said he would fill in but didnt show up. We played with 7.


Fielding first.

Match Summary:

The Wasties had slid from 3rd to 4th after last weeks loss, so tonights game against the 5th placed Balla was crucial in keeping the Wasties in the top 4.

Tinman Senior (aka Pegleg) pulled out at the last minute, via Marshy, leaving the Wasties one short and only a few hours to find a fill in.

Suffering from severe desparation, the Wasties put out the call to Chewbacca, who responded with:

""i can play if no one else will... i just shouldnt. try to get someone else, if not, i guess ill play.""

Now to most people, this means that Dov was playing, but low and behold the game started and Chewbacca was no where to be seen.

Anyway, there was a game to be won and the Wasties opened up with Tinman and Hoff. The pair started slowly with a runout first ball, but quickly accelerated the run rate posting 44.

Next is was DDs and Barney. With Barney struggling against the slow loopy spin of the KFC man, DDs had to take up the slack, getting Barney off strike at every occasion. Once the spinner was off, Barney came back to life (unlike many of his conquests) and the pair finished with a highly respectable 33.

Being one short, captain DDs decided to bat Figs last, meaning NoShow and Marshy were in next. NoShow commenting that he had to bat really well to avoid having to bat with Figs this week. For the most part the pair did the job, pushing side nets and even stealing a 2nd run. A good total of 31.

Finally in came Figs, without a partner. Low and behold, after much procrastination Balla chose NoShow to bat, once again bringing together the pair with the self-proclaimed highest average in the team. Anyway, the highest average took a beating. Figs looked way out of sorts batting with a box for the first time, repeatedly getting bowled and caught to blamonges. With one ball remaining, and the score on 117, NoShow managed his best shot ever, a off-drive for 6 to take the score past 120.

So 124 on the board. The focus now turned to the skins.

In true Wasties style, the fielding was a little off in the first pair, but it was good enough to take the skin. The story continued for the next 2 pairs, the Wasties doing just enough to take the points without really dominating. Then came the last pair, and the Wasties turned it up. Marshy bowling 2 negative overs, and everyone fielding up a storm.

Highlights included a deflected catch from Barney to DDs. A Peter Taylor-esque catch to Crossy fielding up close, and an oh-so-close run-out of the century attempt to Figs who dived to stop a ball off the net, before flinging it behind his back to miss the stumps by a bees diaphram.

A great win, 13 points, and only 7 players to share the beers between. What a great night!


Wasties Partnerships: 

Pair Batters Score
Hoff and Tinman 44
2 Barney and DDs 33
3 Pella and Crossy 31
4Figs and Crossy16

Opposition Partnerships: 

Pair Score
1 27
2 28
3 23