Wastemasters 115
KCG 33

Game Summary


Full team back for quite a while.


Batting first.

Match Summary:

With NoShow back (minus testicles), the Wasties were blessed with a full team again. This week they were up against the Bruce proclaimed ""Best team in 2nd division"", namely KCG.

Captain Figs continued with his theory of changing the batting order every week, and started with Hoff and Barney. With less than inspiring fielding on display, the pair knuckled down and hit the side nets with ease. A good start of 33, with no wickets falling.

Next in was Marshy and NoBalls, sorry NoShow. Once again, the pair hit the nets without much trouble, and managed a satisfactory 27. They even stole a second run. Again no wickets.

Next in Figs and Tinman. With KCG almost fully demoralised in the field, Figs thought it was time to help a fellow man. 2 blamonge catches, a runout after he gave up, and a couple of other extremely close misses gave the hapless KCG some bouyancy. With Tinman at the other end doing the right thing, the score wasnt a disaster. Instead a neat 14.

Last in was DDs and Pegleg. The two oldest boys put all their experience together and batted with a youthful exhuberance not seen for many a moon. A great pairing of 41 giving the Wasties a formiddable total of 115.

In the field the Wasties turned it on.

Some great one handed catches to Figs and DDs, plus some top notch runouts to Barney, and general terrific bowling kept the game well out of reach from the bunny batters.

The easy win cementing Wasties in top division.


Wasties Partnerships: 

Pair Batters Score
Barney and Hoff 33
2 Pella and Crossy 27
3 Figs and Tinman 14
4DDs and Pegleg41

Opposition Partnerships: 

Pair Score
1 3
2 20
3 5