Wastemasters 72
Hit and Hope 115

Game Summary


Choppa out. Tinman, out with a "pulled muscle"


Fielding first.

Match Summary:

With Choppa out at a bingo meet, DDs was back in the captaincy chair.

Tonights game was against Hit and Hope, with the Wasties just holding onto the last finals position.

With Tinman pulling out, the Wasties were one short, and it showed. The first 2 pairs got Hit and Hope off to a flyer, pushing the score to 85.

The Wasties fought back in the last 2 pairs, and kept the chasing total to a decent 115.

Barney and Hoff had a good start, Pegleg and Crossy did ok until the last ball, and Pella struggled batting with Mayor. With one pair to bat, the Wasties needed 40 to win.

Enter DDs.

With Pella batting again, the pair struggled along, got within 20 runs of the total, and then choked in the last over!

Poor old Captain Donuts, with DDs yet to win a single point as captain this year...Being back Choppa.

Man of the Match:


Full Game Stats:

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Wasties Partnerships: 

Pair Batters Score
Hoff and Barney 46
2 Pegleg and Crossy 10
3 Mayor and Pella 18
4DDs and Pella-2

Opposition Partnerships: 

Pair Score
1 47
2 38
3 18